Self Pay

Patients who are uninsured or fail to provide us with adequate billing information including proper managed care authorization referrals are responsible for the payment of their bill.

What to expect if you are a self-pay:

If you do not have insurance, we automatically apply a Quick Pay Discount to hospital charges, which reduces those charges by 30%. This discount will be honored unless your account becomes delinquent and is sent to a collection agency. At registration, you will be asked for information to determine your eligibility for state or federal assistance programs.

About five days after your visit, you will receive a notice of the charges incurred during your visit. This notice will request information about any medical insurance you may have. It will also provide some basic information about our payment plans and financial assistance policies.

About 18 days after that, you will receive a statement showing the amount due after the Quick Pay Discount and requesting that you pay or contact us within 10 days (28 days after you were first notified of the amount due). If you contact us, we will discuss how our payment plans and financial assistance programs can help you pay your bill.